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Welcome to Ashen Vendetta

Neoguard, Sep 22, 10 10:47 PM.

Public Service Announcement (PSA) from Neoguard

Welcome to Ashen Vendetta. I'm Neoguard your leader and a possible Catalyst to making your time in WoW enjoyable.  I am confident that I can take you to where you want to be while having fun, working cooperatively and being the best player you can be. I have many years of MMO experience including 8 years of playing Everquest, 2 years of Everquest II and finally World of Warcraft for 5 years. I understand the concepts of how a raid works, how to be successful and how to work with people within a raid. You may not have faith in me, but the proof is in the pudding…Which has yet to be made. In other words, wait and see.

You're probably asking yourself; "Why should I choose Ashen Vendetta?". The answer is simple. This guild is not like other guilds. We strive to be at the peak of all that is possible and not to neglect the important things that are necessary to be there. This is not a guild that will just throw raids together a couple times a week and let things fall into place. No way. We will be aware of our social standings within the realm of Korgath and take it just as seriously as our raiding.

Social standing is something often neglected by most guilds. This is a very important factor in having a guild be successful, well known and respected. Just as your own characters reputation is important, so is your guilds. We are all grouped under this huge umbrella which is "Ashen Vendetta" and you must have pride for what you belong to. If that is not your state of mind, then you are not welcome here.

Here is a list of positive affirmation to manifest it all into reality:

- We WILL be a driving force in our realms raiding progression.

- We WILL be a respected group of players.

- We WILL be the guild that everyone must stop and inspect.

-  "Ashen Vendetta" WILL be a well-known name throughout Korgath.

- We WILL NOT be Elitist but focus on more positive terms such as "Royalty, Eminence and Power".

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